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French Language Training Program for Corporate Employees

Bonjour and welcome to Practice French Online. If you want to offer your employees the opportunity to advance their career by learning French as a second language, our online French courses will exceed your expectations!

Learning French with online courses is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to learn. Our qualified teachers are trained to teach either one-on-one or in groups of two to six students. We teach via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

To maximize the effectiveness of our program, other resources such as Schaum’s French grammar textbook are used to reinforce learning, and recordings (messages, short and long dialogues) help students better practice listening comprehension.

In addition, Practice French Online uses electronic tools such as flashcards from the Quizlet platform to introduce grammar rules or new French vocabulary related to students’ work.

Another very important aspect of our school is that we adapt our teaching strategies if students need accommodations. In addition, it is important to know that by using our training program, we guarantee that by working with qualified and positive teachers and by offering innovative teaching strategies, you will have a unique learning experience.

In order to help students (civil servants) who are strongly encouraged to stay home during the Corona virus crisis, Practice French Staff members have created a series of podcasts and electronic flash cards (Quizlets) to help them better prepare before taking their oral exams. Through these podcasts, strategies and grammar are discussed. You can pass this message to your colleagues who you feel could benefit from additional help.

Important: In order to use the flashcards, it is necessary to register for free on the website.

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