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Our youth program helps younger students (grade 1 to 8) improve reading comprehension, writing and oral expression while participating in fun and innovative activities.

French book Collections such as GB + are used to measure reading comprehension and also help young learners improve their vocabulary. To top it off, French board games are other resources used during lessons to create a fun environment conducive to learning.

Government French Language Training in Ottawa
Government French Language Training in Ottawa
Government French Language Training in Ottawa

Written Expression

In every sessions, there is a section where grammar is taught to help students to understand how to built sentence structure, as a result, students are more confident when it’s time to write or to have French conversations. Another very important component of learning the French language involves the learning of new vocabulary. Creative activities are integrated to help students to built vocabulary which allows them to be more at ease when time comes to express their thought by writing and orally. 

Oral Expression

Within the oral expression lessons, creative activities encourage students to imitate the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of native speakers, so that the way of speaking is correct and natural. In this section, like in the first one, students learn new vocabulary and grammar structures and as lessons progress, it becomes easier for them to clearly express their thoughts orally.